Will You Come Adore Him?

Do you ever feel that tug at your heart?  

Do you ever have that coincidence  that you can’t explain? Do you ever say,  “Wow, that was Divine Intervention!”  

God is calling you…  

These are frequent questions people  have… but how do I pray? How can I have  a relationship with Jesus? How do I start?  

Let me tell you my story. I thought I was  a “good” Catholic. I was going to church,  going through the motions. My life was  wonderful, loving husband, healthy kids  and I’d often say, “When’s the shoe going  to drop?” I realized how immensely  blessed I was, so I started to increase my  prayer life. I tried to say a daily rosary,  weekly mass, frequent confession and  occasionally going to adoration, and also  doing works of charity. It felt good.  

What I didn’t realize was that Jesus was  calling me to a deeper relationship to help  get me through a very difficult upcoming  phase in our lives. The shoe did drop and  things became clear, He was with me. I  saw Him everywhere during this difficult  time. This suffering helped me see how  He walks with us during our struggles. I  now go to just spend time with Him like a  best friend. I go adore Him in the Blessed  Sacrament. I go and tell Him how much  I appreciate Him, how grateful I am and  how much I love Him.  

Start small if you haven’t been to  Eucharistic Adoration. Come for 5  minutes, then 10, make it a weekly priority.  

You can bring a Catholic book, pray a  rosary or even bring work you are going  to do at home anyways! Just come and sit  with Jesus. I promise the graces He will  give you will far exceed your expectations.  

Don’t wait for the shoe to drop to need  Him, He is calling you, Come Adore Him!  

Written by: Christina Garni, Garni.christina@gmail.com


Adoration at St. Francis Borgia Parish

Every week, over 100 hours of Adoration are held at the South Church:

  • Eucharistic Adoration begins at 12 p.m. Sunday and ends at 3 p.m. Friday.
  • Complete list of adoration times can be found on the St. Francis Borgia website.