Academic Support/Resource Programs

Student Success CenterStudent Success Center

St. Francis Borgia Catholic School strives to meet the needs of all students in a variety of ways. We work to provide programs and experiences that enable students to be intellectually and creatively challenged.

Unique Learning Needs 

Our school offers a program unique to most Catholic schools. Students with a variety of learning differences are taught by a team of specialists. Students are assessed in-house, privately, or through our local public school to determine what their learning needs may be. After a determination is made, an Educational Service Plan (ESP) is developed. This plan may include interventions, adjustments and accommodations within the regular classroom and specific remediation in our Resource Room. The remediation is based on current research and strategies determined to be the most effective. All teachers have experience working with children and their individual learning needs.

Gifted and Talented

Our school provides programming for those students who need enrichment. This can take place in a variety of ways. As above, students may be tested to determine their areas of strength. An ESP may be developed based on the testing. Programming will take place in the regular classroom setting. A variety of strategies will be used to enrich the curriculum. Those strategies include acceleration, curriculum compacting, and interdisciplinary units.

In addition, students in the 7th and 8th grade may be eligible for the Archdiocesan Discovery Program. This program allows advanced 7th and 8th grade students to take classes offered through our Catholic High Schools. The topics may vary from year to year.