The St. Francis Borgia Scrip Program is in place to help families offset tuition costs by about $200/year. Scrip is a nationwide fundraiser that allows non-profit organizations to purchase select retailer cards at a discount, and then sell them at full price to raise money for their organization.

If your oldest/only child is in 5K-8th grade, you are required to earn $200 in profit for the school. However, if you would rather not participate, you may “opt out” of the program by sending a check payable to “SFB Scrip” to school for $200.

Preschool families and our staff are encouraged to participate in the program even though there is no requirement to do so, as you would split your profit 50/50 with the school.

Please note that families, whose youngest child is in 8th grade, will have the $200 requirement included on their tuition bill. The family will then have the opportunity to recoup their $200 though their Scrip purchases. Any sales from May1 through April 30 will be applied.

Why should you participate in the Scrip program?

First, it is easy! Simply purchase Scrip cards at the school’s front desk or order the cards online. You can use the cards instead of cash/credit for everyday expenses like groceries (Piggly Wiggly, Sendiks), gas (Citgo), etc. Second, once you earn the required profit amount for the school, every additional dollar of profit you earn is split 50/50 with your family. If you do not meet the full profit requirement, you simply send us a check in May for the remaining balance. It is a win-win program for everyone!

How to get started

You will need to register online (see our online ordering instructions) at, which is the program SFB utilizes for all Scrip purchases and record keeping. Our Scrip Program buys our gift cards from the Great Lakes Scrip Center. We also have negotiated with some local businesses (Sendiks, Citgo, Fiddleheads, Highland House, and Out&Out) to buy gift cards directly from them for our school families. We are lucky to have such generous local businesses willing to sell us these cards at a discount.

What else do you need to know to get started?

  1. What is profit? Each card has a specific profit/rebate amount ranging from 2%-20%. If you buy a $100 Sendiks card, which has a 5% rebate, the profit earned is $5.
  2. How much do you need to spend to earn $200 in profit? You will need to purchase about $4,000 in Scrip if you average a 5% profit. This can be easily done by using Scrip for your grocery and gas purchases alone.
  3. SFB carries a limited amount of cards at school, which are sold at the front desk. There are forms at the reception desk that list which cards are available to purchase.
  4. Great Lakes Scrip offers hundreds of additional cards for you to purchase online. Some have restrictions; be sure to check the details if you have a special use in mind for the card or a large purchase, because cards cannot be returned. For example, you can pay off your Kohls credit card bill with Scrip but not your Boston Store card, and Eddie Bauer only allows 4 cards per online transaction.
  5. Online orders must be entered and paid for (via Presto Pay or check) by Mondays at 10am. If you have a signed “Scrip Delivery Waiver of Claim Form” on file in the school office, the cards will be sent home in Family Mail on Thursdays. Alternately, you may pick up your Scrip order in person when it is available at the school’s front desk. Occasionally, the shipment is delayed and the order is not sent to SFB until Friday. If that happens, your cards are sent home or available for pick-up on Friday instead.

View and print order form