Early Childhood Programs

What makes the SFB Catholic School Early Childhood Program special?

  • Includes a combination of unique elements that ensure developmentally-appropriate, research-based, hands-on, child-centered and well-designed learning.
  • Upper school students work with 3K-5K students.
  • Religion is integrated into the program as a part of daily learning.
  • From 3K through 8th grade, school faculty and parents partner in their children’s education.

The Early Childhood Program Curriculum:

  • Assures developmental growth as students move through the levels of kindergarten.
  • Fulfills Archdiocesan and State Standards.
  • Implements teacher team-planned instruction and activities.
  • Reflects integrated thematic units correlating, supporting and building skills and content area knowledge.
  • Incorporates religious instruction as an integral part of the curriculum through stories, daily prayer, art projects, community outreach and visits from the Pastor.
  • Supports development of social skills, routines, comfort and a positive attitude, which is further enhanced in the 5K Kindergarten program.