Home & School


The mission of Home and School is to act as a liaison between school staff and administrators, school parents and the parish community while enhancing the the education of our children by:

  • Promoting a quality Catholic education.
  • Offering well-planned programs providing information of interest and value to parents as well as educational enrichment for students.
  • Fostering an atmosphere to encourage school spirit and a sense of community through volunteerism and fun activities.


President: Susie Stanley
Co-President: Nathalie Krier
Vice-President: Christina Wojs
Treasurer: Lauren Chance
Secretary: Monica Carlin
Past President: Beth Anderson

For any questions, please email Home and School at homeandschool@sfbschool.org


The Home and School Association meetings are held periodically throughout the school year and are open to anyone wishing to attend. Parental participation is always needed for many Home and School sponsored functions. Please attend a meeting to learn more about what we do and how you can get involved. Your help is always appreciated! Attending a meeting counts towards your volunteer commitment hours.

Please refer to the Home & School handbook for details.