School Information

A supportive environment

Parents love our supportive family environment. Students gain confidence in small class sizes where teachers offer individualized instruction. Prayer and Christ are the center of all we do.

A part of your extended family

Like family, St. Francis Borgia Catholic School cares about preparing students for the future. Catholic school students consistently receive top scores in standardized testing. Statistically, Catholic schools rank among the top of local and statewide standardized test scores. We continually hear from graduates who are achieving great success in high school, college and adulthood. They are positive contributors to their families and the communities in which they live, work and serve.

Catholic Identity

  • Christ is present in the classroom
  • Continued service projects across all grade levels
  • Bi-weekly Adoration for grades 3rd-8th
  • Instruction from Fr. Patrick Burns & Fr. Matthew Ferch
  • Students help plan the weekly Mass
  • Model the love of Christ in the daily life of our school
  • Daily classroom prayers

Lifelong friendships being here

Catholic schools bring together families in a faith-filled environment where both students and parents make lifelong friendships. They work side-by-side on school projects, pray together and encourage each other. In an increasingly anonymous and disconnected world, the “family feel” at St. Francis Borgia Catholic School is most welcome.

Facts about St. Francis Borgia Catholic School:

  • Educates children 3K-8th grade
  • Integrates religious teachings into all curricular areas
  • Extends the same tuition rates for parishioners and non-parishioners
  • Averages approximate enrollment of 300 students
  • Supports educational programs for students with learning differences
  • Scores consistently in the top quartile on IOWA tests
  • Integrates Spanish into the 4th-8th grade curriculum
  • Uses Newline Boards, iPads, Chromebooks and other technology tools in the daily curriculum
  • Uses a letter-grading system in 4th-8th grades
  • Employs degreed teachers, certified in their areas of expertise
  • Accredited by the Wisconsin Religious and Independent School Accreditation (WRISA) organization