Option C

OptionC’s School Management System provides our school  with features that benefit the Principal,  Teachers and Parents and Students. The OptionC student management system has many more features than a  typical grade book system. This system offers customized diocesan report cards, attendance module, and parent information to name a few .

This system is 100% cloud based so your family can access the system from home, school, and the office.  One feature that our parents love is that it is optimized for a mobile device. This system provides our parents, teachers and students  secure logins and data is backed up daily. With our family site, families can log in anytime to see how their child is doing with assignments, grades, attendance and more.

OptionC was selected over many other Student Information Systems (SIS) as the C stands for Catholic.  This system was designed for Catholic schools. Our staff utilizes features such as  sacrament tracking, biblical references, and Catholic Saint of the Day.

Best of all parents can access everything with just one log-in. Log in here.