Emergency School Closing Procedures

Severe weather conditions during the winter or other emergency situations may warrant the closing of school.  The procedure varies depending whether closing occurs prior to, or during the school day.

School Closing Prior to the Start of the School Day

A Parent Alert message from OptionC will be sent via phone call, email and for those who chose, text message.

Please note the following if you see or hear a different listing:

  • If Cedarburg Public Schools are closed – SFB is closed.
  • If Cedarburg Public Schools have a late start time – SFB is closed.
  • If Cedarburg School System is open, we are probably open as well, but it’s best to check the appropriate listings to be sure.


School Closing After the School Day Has Already Begun

Once school has begun and the students are here, we may not close early due to weather unless the Cedarburg School System closes. Once school has begun, the dismissals of our students must coincide.

Please do not call the school to see if we are having an early dismissal. These calls congest our phone lines, which are crucial to us at these times. As soon as the Cedarburg School District makes a decision to close, they will contact us and we will send out a Parent Alert message and initiate emergency phone call procedures, in addition to putting the information on the closing sites as listed above.

(Revised 1/3/24)