Hot Lunch & Milk Program

4Ps in a Pod is the hot lunch provider for St. Francis Borgia Catholic School and Child Care (school code 20). Meals are pre-ordered and purchased through their online ordering system. 4Ps in a Pod includes three entree choices each day with standard and hungry serving size options. The meals feature organic food whenever possible and include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, zero trans fats and no deep frying. In addition, there are multiple meatless options weekly and no tree nuts or peanuts are in the ingredient lists. For 4Ps in a Pod ordering information and policies, please click here.

St. Francis Borgia participates in the Government’s Special Milk Program, which enables us to sell milk to your child for 5 cents per carton. Parents pre-order either one or two milks for their children) prior to the school year. Yearly purchase price is $9 per child for one milk and $18 per child for two milks per day. The Milk Order Form should be completed for annual milk orders.