Five Year-Old Kindergarten

Our 5K program is an integrated model that offers both an all-day and half-day option. It is based on interdisciplinary, thematic monthly units.

Monday through Friday (half or full day)
Full Day: 8:40-3:25
Half Day: 8:40-11:30

Daily academics form the foundation:

  • Direct teacher instruction
  • Integrated classroom use of iPads and SmartBoards
  • Interactive activities such as rhyming games, storytelling, learning centers and hands-on activities
  • Large and small group sessions that help improve social skills and enable teachers to differentiate instruction to meet individual needs
  • Learning centers and enrichment activities
  • Journal writing, art projects and other hands-on activities

Student Success Teachers provide support programs, team-teaching with classroom teachers, and small group pull-out sessions.

The focus of our curriculum:

  • Religion
  • Language Arts
  • Phonics
  • Math
  • Science/Social Studies
  • Weekly special classes
    • Art
    • Library
    • Gym
    • Music
  • Field trips, special programs and other activities enhance the curriculum and help meet state standards.