School Committee

It is important to reiterate the role of our committee in the SFB school community. The SFB School Committee is governed by guidelines established by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and is accountable to the Pastor, Principal and Pastoral Council. This is different than a public school board that is usually tasked with governing the school administration and employee base. In contrast, the SFB School Committee is not a governing committee but an advisory committee that is tasked with planning, policy-making, financial oversight and budgeting, advancement, evaluation, and if necessary, assistance in hiring a school Principal. It is not within the scope of the School Committee’s advisory authority to interview, employ, or dismiss teachers and staff. This is the responsibility of the Pastor and the Principal.

The SFB School Committee currently operates with four sub-committees (Finance, Fundraising, Marketing & Enrollment, Technology) to efficiently address and complete the responsibilities noted above. The sub-committees consist of one to three members of the School Committee and also involve various teachers, staff and parents that have an interest or skill set in the related sub-committee.


Ceci Bassindale – Chair and Finance Subcommittee Chair

Megan Cain – Marketing & Enrollment Subcommittee Chair

John Tokarz – Finance Subcommittee Chair

Shannon Whitworth – Fundraising Subcommittee Chair

Stephanie Dailey – Parish Council Liaison

Eric Schmidt – Technology Subcommittee Chair

Justin Igl – Technology Subcommittee Chair

Fr. Patrick Burns – Pastor