Drop Off/Dismissal Procedures

Pick-Up Procedure (Afternoon)

• Please stage rows between basketball hoops facing the playground.
• When directed, Row 1 will move into the sidewalk safety zone. First car will pull ahead as far as
possible. First car in Row 2 will follow the last car in Row 1 and fill the safety zone.
• Once you pick-up your child(ren), wait for the car in front of you to leave. Do not leave early.
• Every child must be picked up from the sidewalk safety zone. No child(ren) will be allowed to walk to a
parked car for pick up.
• If you need to exit the parking lot on NN, please circle around the far lane of the parking lot.

Drop off Procedure (Morning)

• Parents may enter the parking lot from Covered Bridge Road or NN.
• In the parking lot, all traffic moves in counter clockwise pattern only.
• Children only can start being dropped off at 8:15am.
• Hallway doors will be opened at 8:20am, classes begin promptly at 8:40am.
• Children are dropped off in the sidewalk safety zone only outside of Door 1.
– Pull as far ahead as possible.
– Children can only exit the car and go to the sidewalk.
– This is a drop-off zone only. You must move after your child(ren) exit the vehicle.
– Do not drive around the car in front of you. Wait for the car to move before you do.
• You may exit the parking lot to Covered Bridge Road or NN.
– Follow the counter clockwise traffic pattern to exit.
• There is no 2-way traffic in the lane closest to the safety zone (no exceptions).
• The only exception to this drop off procedure is to park and walk in with your child(ren).