Fasting, the Original Cleanse

Happy Lent! Yes, I used the word “happy.” We should be especially happy  during fasting and abstinence, as we show  reverence to God and imitate Christ. This  is for our growth, not God’s! Unfortunately, many people see fasting as outdated. I recall a colleague who told me fasting for  one day is pointless. Ironically, he had a  Snickers bar on his desk, with the slogan, “You’re not you when you’re hungry,” an advertising ploy everyone readily understands.

The Snickers’ commercials say that when you become hungry, you become a whiny diva, which is unfortunately true for many. However, if we listen to the Bible, we are reminded to keep our composure and to remember: the glory is God’s but the grace is ours. In fasting this way, we indeed look at the world from an entirely different vantage point.

Beyond this, assuming good health, fasting  is good for us on almost every biological  level. It increases our instinctual focus and heightens the senses physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s ethical, as it helps us  identify with the poor. The Bible even says it amplifies prayer! 

The Bible says fasting amplifies prayer!

Remember that fasting is not limited to the obligatory days. We can fast at any given  time, and there is no better time than Lent. In fact, fasting is probably more effective when done without obligation because it  leaves you nothing to gripe about. Instead, the persistent hunger reminds you of why you are fasting and this forces you to continually turn to God. When there, you’ll  find profound thoughts, powerful prayers, and strength. 

Written by: Bobby Fassbender