Virtual Learning

As an educational community, St. Francis Borgia Catholic School is committed to supporting our families, engaging our students, and keeping our community together during this time apart. In accordance with the State of Wisconsin’s Safer At Home Order, our school facilities are closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year.

Virtual learning started on March 30th, after our scheduled spring break. Teachers and students have adjusted very well to at-home learning. We are proud of our staff for stepping up and making the switch to a virtual world seamless.

Student attendance is taken every school day. We believe our virtual classrooms to be an extension of the environment our students left behind in March. Teachers are available for questions, one-on-one learning, or support when requested. In 1st – 8th grade classes, video conferencing is an integral part of the school day. Many of the students’ classes are taught in a virtual classroom-style setting where students are still listening and watching live instruction from their teacher. Teachers and students are in contact every single day during the school week.

Learning Management Platforms

St. Francis Borgia Catholic School is utilizing Google Classroom, Loom, and Seesaw to organize and enhance the student’s virtual learning experience. Google Meet and Zoom have been wonderful video resources to work with. Our student’s privacy always comes first. All virtual video classrooms have security measures in place so that only students and teachers may sit in on the class.

Virtual Learning Plans

Here is a sampling of learning schedules for different grades. Our teachers are still collaborating together to make sure this learning experience is working for everyone involved.

1st Grade     2nd Grade     3rd Grade      4th Grade       5th Grade    Upper School 6th-8th

Watch Our Virtual Learning in Action

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